What is the best Facebook strategy?

Facebook Strategy

Best Facebook Strategy

There are a few things to keep in mind when running Facebook Ads. Because it shows the success or failure of your plans. If it is properly covered and managed, it will definitely be advantageous, thus a significant increase in the lead can be seen. Without planning, ads not only becomes pointless but also waste your money and resources.
In this post, I will tell you a short plan in simple words which will definitely benefit you.

The best advice for Facebook strategy is to test multiple ads (Images, page promotion, video, carousel ad promotion). The funnel that often works well is

  1. Get a nice, fast-loading Website۔ Website you can build in any CMS but it should have good speed and attractive design. Also, get good hosting so that the website does not have load issues.
  2. Create a Landing Page، Beautify the landing page to engage the visitor
  3. For FB ADS (One Campaign, multiple ad sets, and ads)
  4. The target of an ad should be INBOX. Try not to send the traffic to the direct link. Build a relationship with your lead.
  5. Setup an Autoresponder that links to your landing page. The ad viewer will first come to the inbox and then come to the landing page with a special direction. As I have described this process as shortly
  6. Shorten Landing page link with BITLY۔ Most people do not click the full URL. So shorten it so that the viewer is not sure what will happen inside the link.
  7. On the landing page, the top menu should be able to take you to the main site. The page must have amazing copywriting to convince the reader to take an action backed up by a testimonial, video of a product, Offer.
  8. Make sure the landing page has these three things. (1-email opt-in form, 2- Facebook pixels for re-targeting, and 3rd- for push notification of future blog posts on the main website).
  9. Share the link of your landing page on other social media platforms
  10. Small budgets for advertisements usually do not work, unless it is a Pakistani targeted audience.

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