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There are many plugins used for seo in WordPress to enhance the website and add various features. Some are paid, some are completely free and some are partially free.

Common plugins used for SEO

Most people use different plugins for SEO. These plugins do not do SEO themselves but they provide a lot of guidance in doing SEO. There are many plugins used for SEO

most downloaded plugins for seo

Yoast plugin is the most popular one. It provides better guidance in website on-page SEO. So let’s read more about Yoast plugin’s features

It points out the various factors involved and gives you directions on how to fix them.

Features of Yoast Paid and Free Versions.

Free version gives you some limited features.

Paid Version: The Paid version gives you support for a few advanced features.

Which one is better? Free or Paid

The performance of both is almost identical. Therefore, the owner of a normal website, whose income is not high yet, can get better results by using the free version.

My opinion: paid v/s free yoast seo plugins

My opinion is that there is not much difference between the paid and free versions. I personally use the free version and I get good results.

Yes you can use the paid version if you have more budget.

But as I have written, there is not much difference between the two, so don’t fall into the trap of paid and free.

Improve your SEO by using the free version of Yoast as long as it is available.


All these things are made by human beings so only human beings can make better decisions than plugins.

Don’t rely 100% on plugins. Get some guidance from these tools.

But show more performance with your skills. Do SEO to the best of your ability. Resolve issues first and try to improve other things later.

If you like this article or have received some guidance, share it with your friends. Express your opinion in the comments. I will respect your opinion….thank for reading.

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