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Open University Free Courses: As you know, an open University provides paid or distance learning to the students on various methods. Virtual University & Allama Iqbal Open University provides Paid and free courses, they are on the top list in Pakistan. These universities not only provide the best free online courses but also give you a certificate or higher education too. DigiSkills is one of the institutions on behalf of virtual university Pakistan. That provides quantitative skills to the nation. What this institution is doing. Let’s study briefly.

The DigiSkills Training Program is the first online Training program in Pakistan to empower young people with much-needed skills in the private market. It contains many online training support courses. It provides massive open online courses. A unique feature of this program is that the content of the lessons is designed for the Pakistani audience with a mixture of Urdu-English.

Purpose Free Online Courses

You should join this program to develop / learn much-needed skills in the private market. Learning these skills will help you become part of a fast-growing independent market and earn without looking for a job.

Sponsership of Open University Free Courses

The DigiSkills Training Program is a program of the Government of Pakistan led by the Department of Technology and Communications through Ignite – National Technology Fund (formerly the R&D Fund for National ICT) and developed by the Virtual University of Pakistan.

Course materials Fee

There is no charge and this program or for its course materials. All the things are free for ALL! All you have to do is sign up for the program and start training in the right courses.


There are 10 courses offered in this program.

1. Independence

2. E-Commerce Management

3. Writing

4. Graphic Design

5. The QuickBooks

6. WordPress

7. AutoCAD

8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

9. Digital Marketing

10. Digital Literacy

Eligibility for this program

There is no minimum requirement for education to take DigiSkills training and we encourage everyone who can read, write and understand English to take training to build their future as a freelancer.

Requirements for this program

To access the DigiSkills app, you need to have a good internet connection at home and a desktop, laptop, or android phone.

Training venue?

This is an online training program. Once you have signed up for this program and registered for courses, you get access to the DigiSkills Online Learning Management System. On LMS all module videos and subscribed content will be available. You can find it anywhere, such as in your home or office, all you need is a computer with an Internet connection. You can speed up the training or you can follow the announced time table that will be available at Portal.

How to study

All videos and study materials for each module will be available on the DigiSkills Online Learning Platform. You can speed up the training or you can follow the announced time table that will be available at Portal.

Are you a Freelancer or not

Even if you work independently, you can sign up for our DigiSkills Training Program to learn new skills to make more money or to improve your self-employed portfolio through the training of freelancers and professionals. This course will definitely offer something new and help existing freelancers.

About the provision of services

The program has been launched to train people on the skills needed in the private market. It will not provide trainees jobs, instead, it will provide skills-based training, which will enable them to access private market projects.

Large limit of studies

There are 10 courses already offered in this program. In one group, a trainee may take up to two (2) courses. This way, you can get training for all 10 subjects in 5 groups. Limitations are set to ensure that the trainee receives the highest number of courses enrolled in the course and may participate in discussions, training and assignments.

Technical Advice

Which course is best for you, depends on your interest and level of education. All subjects are equally important. The Freelancing course is mandatory if you sign up for for the first time, and, for the rest of the course, you can choose any course that interests you. Course introductions and learning outcomes available on the web can help you decide.


You can sign up for this program by visiting the official page, after registering, you can subscribe to any two courses of your choice. Freelancing is a compulsory course for trainees who enroll for courses (courses) for the first time.

Note: Registration will open one month before the start of each upcoming collection.

Problem activating account

You can sign in with your registered email address using your current password and renew email to activate your account.

Lost password reset

You can reset your password yourself with the “Forgot Password” link found on the “Sign In” page and follow the instructions provided. If the problem persists, you can contact the support team using the Contact Us interface.

Problem finding materials

Lessons related to courses, videos and all related links such as, Study Website, Announcements, Interviews etc. will be available after the start of the collection. We encourage you to sign up and you will be notified automatically once the batch has started.

Videos and course access to LMS

Each week’s content and videos will be available on the appropriate Monday at 11:00 AM.

Watch videos via LMS

Watch this week’s videos:

1) Log in to LMS

2) You will find your registered course directly from the Home Screen in your LMS under the “My Courses (Batch-08)” section. Click the appropriate course, then redirect to the “Subject Content” tab. Here you can watch videos of the current week.

3) To go to the next title video, click on the “Next Title” link at the top right.

Watch current and past week videos:

1) After logging in to your LMS account, click on the “Course Website” icon under the “My Courses (Batch-08)” section.

2) Here you will see current and past week topics under the ‘Subject Topics’ tab.

3) Click on ‘Week’ for which you want to watch videos.

4) Click on any topic; will redirect you to the “Subject Content” tab. Here you can watch the video.

5) To go to the next title video, click on the “Next Title” link at the top right.

Questions Answer Support

You can ask questions at any time using the DigiSkills Learning Management System or Contact us page. Our trainers are there to answer your questions.

There are three connectors where you can ask questions.

1. Discussion Board: If you are a registered person, visit the LMS chat board to submit your query. On the discussion board, you can ask a question, help other trainees by commenting on their questions, and see previous questions related to that particular topic.

Online Support: You can submit your general questions related to LMS, Course and other DigiSkills related

3. Mobile number: You can call 0304-111-1570, and ask your question directly to the trainer.


You will receive an e-Certificate from the DigiSkills Training Program if you complete the graduation process. The DigiSkills Certificate will be awarded by Virtual University of Pakistan.

Ways to complete

According to the graduation process, trainees will need to earn 50% points in order to earn an E certificate.

Each section (Video, Quiz and Hands-on Exercise) carries a certain percentage of 100 points as provided below:

1. Watch Video Videos by LMS = 60%

2. Questions = 25%

3. Exercise hands = 15%


If you are watching 70% of the videos, try 60% of the questions and submit the 50% hands-on exercises: your total score will be as follows:

1. Video points: 42

2. Average questions: 15

3. Exercise factor: 7.5

Total points: 64.5 (eligible for E certificate)

Hard copy of Certificate

Eligible trainees will receive a certified copy of a certified e-certificate for each course. You can access a certified e-certificate as soon as the course certificates are available in your Learning Management System.

To download your e-LMS certificate, please refer to these steps:

1. Log in to LMS

2. Click the My Results button under the Professional Services section (located on the homepage).

3. Now click on the view option in any completed course, it will redirect you to the e certificate.

4. Download and print options are available in the upper right corner of that page.

Access to course content

You can only access videos, hands-on exercises and their pre-registered course solutions under the “My Courses” section of the LMS. However, other content such as Handouts, Internet Links, Books, etc. It will not be available.

After graduation of training

The program will help trainees learn new skills. As soon as a student learns any skill, they can create an online profile in any private market. Trainees are encouraged to find jobs online on their own through independent platforms. During the training, our trainers will help you build your profile and give you a bidding guide for private market projects.

Obtaining previous study material

You can get into all the previous course items including videos you missed during training. Courses for each course are given weekly.

Loan eligibility for a loan

Loans amounting to Rs. 100,000 / – may be provided by the Akhuwat Foundation, only to those who have participated in, who have obtained e-Certificates and meet the loan eligibility requirements set by the Akhuwat Foundation.

To learn more about loan offerings, please visit: The Digiskills Official Page.

Note: The loan amount will be determined by the base of Akhuwat according to the applicant’s proposal.

We can provide you further guidence without any cost. Feel free to contact us.

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