How to make a Fiverr gig?


People share different things about the fiverr gig but the basic tips are that no one teaches us how to make a Fiverr gig? that can be more effective.

In this article, we will try to explain to you in the easiest way how to make a Fiverr gig? Not only will this make it easier for you to rank every day, but you will also be able to how to SEO Fiverr gig effectively. These steps will enable you to make money on the Internet as soon as possible.

I want to share these steps & tips especially for newbies, I hope you will learn a lot of things from this post. Follow these steps and start earning.

1: How to find a niche to make a Fiverr gig?

First of all, go to your browser open 4 to 5 tabs. In the first tab, open your Fiverr gig creation page. And in other tabs, search services related to your niche. For example, if you want to create a gig about WordPress then search for WordPress gigs then pick 3 to 4 top gigs. But remember, find the long-tail keywords, because as much there is low competition your gig can easily rank according to the SEO perspective of your Fiverr gig.

2: Fiverr Gig title, categories & tags

go to your gig creation page and write a gig title The gig title should be short and effective… When you will see 3 to 4 top gigs related to your niche you will understand… Then pick a category you will see 9 main categories in the first category tab. Pick a category according to your niche. For example, if you are a graphic designer then pick the graphics & design category or if you are a web developer then pick the programming & tech category. In the subcategory, you will see many options but choose “others” for your first gig. It’s because I heard from many people that they are unable to see a single buyer request… After that, you have to put 5 tags. Like “WordPress expert” “WordPress developer” or something like that. Always go for low competition tags. Because in high competition tags it’s very difficult to rank your gig as a newbie… After putting tags, click on save and continue.

3: Scope and pricing

Then you will see the Scope and pricing page. And in front of the Scope & pricing text, you will see the 3 packages option. Enable this option. After that, you will see 3 options basic, standard & premium. Then go and visit 3 or 4 gigs that you have opened in other tabs. On the right side pr the gig page you will see their package details you will get some idea how you can create packages and remember one thing don’t always go for low prices… And set unlimited revisions for all packages Fill the packages tab according to your niche… Then click on save and continue.

4: Description & FAQS

It’s time to write a short and effective description. Remember, one thing that if you are providing services about WordPress website creation then just write a description about WordPress… Nothing else. Because I’ve seen a lot of gigs that have been made into pickles. The client doesn’t know if I’m in a WordPress gig or in a jungle. So if you are creating a gig about WordPress then just write about WordPress. If you can’t write by yourself then follow this formula Go to visit the other gigs that you were opened in other tabs see their description. Copy some lines from 1 gig copy some lines from 2nd gig copy some lines from 3rd gig and boom. Remember one thing that gig description should be short and effective. And should be related to your gig title that’s it. Then you will see “Frequently Asked Questions” click on add FAQs and write at least 3 FAQs something like that Why choose me? Answer: Write at least 3 FAQs or if you can’t write by yourself then again go to other gigs tabs and copy 3 main FAQs from there… Then click on save and continue

5: Requirements

Write required things that you will need to get started.

6: Gallery

In the gallery option, you will see the Images, video & documents option… It’s time to make an eye-catching thumbnail. Go to canva website and make 550px by 370px custom template. Again go to the gigs tabs that you were opened in the first step. See their thumbnails you will have some idea.

Thumbnail should be eye-catching. The services that you are providing in your gig should be shown in the thumbnail… If you don’t know how to use canva or how to make a thumbnail then watch some YouTube videos it will take some minutes to learn about canva. If you can make a short video about your services then its very good video length should be 75 sec and if you can’t make a video for your services then it’s also ok.

If you have your previous work in doc file, then upload it or if you don’t have then it is also ok no worries. You can leave it, after that click on save and continue to proceed further. After that click on publish gig… Bhoom now you are ready to make$ for you for your family for your country…

Never give up ever! Keep struggling, keep shining -:)

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