How to get first order on Fiverr?


Dear readers, here you can learn How to get first order on Fiverr? I hope this post will help you a lot in your freelancing journey.

How to get first order on Fiverr?

  1. Fiverr is a platform on which it is easier for new people to place orders for projects than in other freelance marketplaces. But the most important thing we have to do is be patient. Therefore, patients should be used instead of haste.
  2. Until the order is received, you should apply for the Bayer Request project. During this time, you will have a strong grip on skills, experience and it will be easy to complete the profile. In addition, you will find out about people’s projects and what people want to do. Keep learning new things about your skills from YouTube every day.
  3. Make three images of Gig and make a sample. Make their slideshow video or pdf and put it in the gig. The VN Android application can be used to create slideshow videos, or even a good quality video can be created with the help of Canova.
  4. Keep the winning attitude. Don’t let morale go down. If your morale is down, you will not be able to show the enthusiasm in the Bayer Request from which only Bayer out of hundreds of people will choose you.
  5. Use powerful words in the buyer’s request, which force the buyer to accept your request. If you do not praise yourself, then no one else will praise you. Super realistic, wonderful, fantastic. Magical etc.
  6. Send Bayer Request two to four lines but just say from the beginning how you will “do” the project … Mention what Bayer is asking for and tell Bayer using powerful words in a smooth and smooth way That you have the ability to do “how and how much better” than anyone else۔
  7. Keep changing your gig. Change the gig image, description, package to see who gets more impressions and clicks. In other words we call it SEO or optimization. Optimize your gig but wait at least two weeks after creating or editing the gig. Don’t try to make gig changes every day in a hurry.
  8. Find a less competitive category or keyword. Believe me, if you are a graphic designer then there are some categories on which project is posted then a maximum of 15 people apply. If you try to find out for yourself, you will know how useful my point is.
  9. Keep up the good work as soon as you get 2, 3 five-star reviews then the buyer request will start to respond as long as you do a good job.
  10. One of the important things we have to do is to pray five times a day and beg from your Lord … God willing, you will surely succeed.

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