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As you know business needs a website to be present on the internet, so does the local presence of the business. Local presence refers how to drive customer engagement and make your business popular in local market. In this post we will focus to learn a little bit about Google business listing.

What is google my business listing?

There is a free tool available from Google to improve local SEO called Google my business listing. GMB not only reflects the local presence of your business. Rather it helps promote your business to local people. This way people around you can easily find out about you.

Formalities For GMB

You must be a Google user to create a GMB profile. In order to use every Google product of my business sign in as a Google user. All you have to do is open a Gmail account.

Creating a business profile in google?

It’s very easy to create a profile. You just have to have a Google Gmail account. If you do not have an account, you must first open one. Create a profile. Extremely useful information is available on Google’s official page. But I’ll tell you in a nutshell how to open a product list with Google. Open My Business in it. The direction given from there. And follow Profile opening verification. When you fill out the form provided for My Business and submit all the information. Then wait because it may take two to three days or 24 hours for your profile to be verified. Once you’ve applied for verification, don’t make any changes to your profile. Because the profile goes into further review. It often happens.

Profile visibility

Millions of people would have created their business profile in Google. As in general search. The visibility of the website must be similar to that of my business profile. To make it visible, you need to optimize your profile regularly. Because you compete with businesses like yours.

GMB Optimization

You can enlist the help of an expert for optimization. If you have an idea for your own optimization then this is very easy. You can use our services to optimize GMB.

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