How to get do-follow backlink from Tumblr?

Method of getting do-follow backlink from Tumblr

In this post, you will learn how to get do follow backlink from Tumblr? As you know, backlinks to a blog are very important in the context of Search Engine Optimization. Backlinks increase the credibility of a blog or domain.

What is Tumblr?

Short info About Tumblr

Tumbler is a very professional social platform used around the world. Does the biggest difficulty come when we try to figure out how to get do follow backlink from Tumblr? Tumblr is used by people all over the world. But most people are not aware of its usefulness. If people find out about its usefulness, there will be no one who will not try to use this social platform.

In this post I have tried to explain this method in simple words. I hope you get to know a lot.

How to setup Tumblr Blog

open your Tumblr account if you don’t have to create one it’s free click on your profile option then choose your blog where you want to create a backlink or click on new to make a new blog

Backlink from Tumblr Method

  •  Type your blog name type your URL name fill out other details and click on create a blog
  • now click on edit appearance
  • click on edit theme
  • In the description section, you can
  • Create keywords to follow backlink
  • Please type a minimum of 200 or a description
  • And then put your text link
  • This is text link format all you have to
  • Do is replace your website URL and
  • keyword text and paste it in your description
  • Type your text
  • Type your website link now copy

This whole text link format and faces in your Tumblr blog description like on save. Now you get to follow keyword backlink from Tumblr. For Varifieying that your link does follow or not, open your Tumbler blog in new tab. place mouse arrow on the anchor text, right click and click inspect. You will definitely see that the link is dofollow. if there is some mistake in the code you entered you can see the linkage problem.

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