Blogging how to make money Online

In this post, we will learn how to make money with blogging. As you know there are various methods of earning money from the internet. blogging is one of them. It is one of the fast-growing trends for earning money. If you have good writing skills, then you can do a better job.

Platforms for Blogging

Various free platforms provide the opportunity of writing something effective. one of the free blogging platforms is provided by Google, its name is Blogger. There are many other platforms that can be used. You can find a complete list of those platforms on Google. Usually, people prefer paid platform. I mean you have to pay for starting your own website where you can post your blogs.

Blogging on WordPress

The most common method of blogging is on WordPress CMS. Simply build a WordPress website and start your work. Write different blogs and articles on different topics. Update your website regularly and enjoy the earning. WordPress is a very easy platform, where you can utilize your writing skills. Furthermore, you can search this site about 7 ways of WordPress blogging.

Blogging name generator

A common problem faced by newbies is which topic is to be selected for blogging. They often confused about what name should I suggest for my blog. So there is no specific tool of blogging name generator. But first, you have to properly research a niche of your choice. In this modern era, there are no difficulties in niche selection. Every niche is important and can be ranked high. But the problem is to start writing about that niche. It is a continuous struggle. Most of the new bloggers feel disappointed. But you have to struggle for a long time.

As we have discussed there is no specific parameter for blogging name ideas. But one can research according to his skill of niche. but the best among the best blogging name ideas is that selecting the most demanded niche. Because some of the topics are demanded and some are less demanded. But there is not a topic on the internet that is without a demand.

Blogging examples

For inspiration and motivation you can search various blogs of other people as blogging examples on Google Search.

Blogging Post ideas

How, What, Where, When, etc, are the most usable words which we used in our daily life. The question is that from where we can take blogging post ideas?. The answer is very simple. A word that comes to your mind, enter it in Google search. you will find a lot of ideas for further. if you can use the Google keyword research tool then it will make more advantages for you. enter a word and follow it further.

Ranking of A Blog

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Ranking your blog in a search engine is a difficult task. but with proper optimization you can solve this. for optimization guidance you can search this article. It can provide you a better way.

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